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My Lice Misadventures Part Two


Well, it is about three weeks (give or take, I am not sure exactly when I was infested) since I had lice, and I am finally free of them all. I wish I could tell you that with extreme determination and a snazzy lice comb, I got them all myself. But if I told you that, I would be lying!

Hannah’s expectations: one day or two of a little bit of combing, and then I am instantly cured.

Hannah’s reality: It took two lice shampoo treatments, four different lice combs, at least three hours per day combing (my mom would help me comb for about an hour before complaining that her back hurt and she was tired,) and two “natural” olive oil remedies later, I determined that we needed professional help. I called a lice salon in Jackonsville and made an appointment, not sure of what to expect. After getting lost a bit (my mother and I are nothing if not directionally challenged, even with the help of Mapquest) we finally arrived. We drove two hours for this, and I guess I thought it was going to be like a regular hair salon with a bunch of people there and we could all commiserate about our horrible lice experiences. Actually, since it was a Sunday and I guess people have lives, it was just me, my mother, and Michelle, our lice professional. We went into a small room and she used the AirAlle machine on my head, which felt much like a blowdryer and apparently kills all the lice and their eggs. After the obligatory comments on the thickness of my hair and how much hair I have (two separate concepts, my hair is both thick and overly abundant,) we began the endless combing process. She set up a very bright light and began ruthlessly combing through my hair in tiny sections, clipping up a section when she was done with it. She picked out all of the nits, one by one. We chatted about our lives as she continued this process…for 2 hours and 20 minutes! Apparently a normal head of hair takes about 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. I am not normal. Well, I got that memo a long time ago (hehe.) Anyway, I felt very relieved that at least I finally had someone else doing the “nit-picking” for me (har-de-har-har) and the experience was not entirely unpleasant. After the combing, she put cool gel in my hair and a little spray, which smelled amazing. We then rinsed off my hair in the sink and put a freshly-washed towel over my head to dry the hair. Her kind disposition and attention to details such as the cleanliness of the towel and making sure she didn’t hurt my head when combing, reminded me of a mother. She did mention her son, and we agreed I probably got the lice from interacting with children. Anyhow, we may have begun our appointment at 2 pm, but it was not till about 430 pm or so that I was officially declared lice-free. While I wish there was a free solution (haha,) paying to go to a salon was definitely worth the cash in the end. And I would definitely recommend this place, if anyone is in the North Florida area. They also have locations in Savannah, Georgia and Orlando, Florida. They are called Fresh Heads Lice Removal if you are interested (although I hope you areĀ notĀ interested because I would not wish the head lice experience on my worst enemy! That is all for now. May the lice not be with you.